July 15, 2000 Athens, Pictures

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Wireless Internet Access Hot Spots in Athens, GA -- from http://www.wififreespot.com/ga.html (3-05)
Cups Coffee Cafe - 1911 Barnett Shoals Road - 706-208-8131 (map) - not near... on E. side of Athens
Jittery Joe's in Five Points - 1210 S Milledge Ave - 706-208-1979 (at Lumpkin) not close
The Grounds at UGA - 498 Baxter St. - 706-227-9999 (at NW corner of UGA campus at S. Church Street)
Schlotzsky's Deli - 1490 Baxter Street FREE
http://www.schlotzskys.com/wireless.html says "We have chosen not to implement any encryption on our network for reasons of simplicity and performance.
The SSID is "cool cloud" (without the quotes)
. Most wireless networking software will auto-detect the SSID, but if you have software that does not detect the SSID automatically, you will need this information. "

WAGZone - downtown area - from Thomas St. to Hull St. and from Broad to Dougherty
(this is a wireless cloud over much of downtown - pretty cool http://www.cio.com/archive/031503/campus.html says "
With nine Wi-Fi transmission boxes spread around downtown, the WAGZone welcomes laptops and PDAs fitted with wireless networking cards. Users get access to WAGZone content, and if they are University of Georgia (UGA) students or faculty, they also have access to the Internet." "What the WAGZone emphatically is not, is a no-charge wireless Internet connection. Yes, if you are part of the UGA community, the WAGZone gives you a way to the Net when you are downtown and mobile. But the image of surfing the Net from deep in the café with cappuccino in hand doesn't necessarily hold—the WAGZone is designed to work outdoors. But Shamp is adamant: The WAGZone will not be competition to Internet service providers. "If we undercut the ISPs, then the Internet would dry up and go away," he says. ")  but, OTHER SOURCES INDICATE THAT THIS CLOUD IS FREE...  The above info. may be obsolete.

Panera Bread - 3151 Atlanta Highway - (706) 546-6812 (map below)

More at http://www.wi-fihotspotlist.com/browse/us/2000248/2018787/

WiFi Hotspot Location Hotspot Address Wireless Networks
Borders Alps 196 Alps Rd Suite 50, Athens, 30606 T-Mobile Wireless Broadband
Hampton Inn Athens 2220 West Broad Street, Athens, 30606
(This is at the NW corner of (old?) St. Mary's Hospital - Alps Rd. and Hawthorne Ave. just west of this intersection)
Hampton Inn Athens 2220 West Broad Street, Athens, 30606 etwireless
Schlotzsky's Deli FREE 191 Alps Rd., Athens, 30606 cool cloud
Schlotzsky's Deli 191 Alps Rd., Athens, 30606 Airimba Wireless
Starbucks Athens 100 College Avenue, Athens, 30601 T-Mobile Wireless Broadband

more from jwire.com

check out McDonalds - Wayport ($9.95/day) but ?? may be free or with purchase - probably not
McDonald's 26358
1791 Epps Bridge Parkway (NOT SO CLOSE)
Athens, Georgia 30606 US
SSID: Wayport_Access
McDonalds is also at 1124 Prince Avenue (at King by Hospital) and at 2230 West Broad Street (near Alps Shopping Center also)
many hotspots around here

Finally, University of Georgia Libraries is FREE
Jackson Street (2 blocks S. from corner of Broad ST., past South St. and just before Fulton St.)
Athens GA 30602
On N. side of campus,

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