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Cancelled visit, Jim and Mike Baird -- Bolivia and Peru, via

Elderhostel Program Summary
Summer 2001 Catalog (Jul, Aug, Sep)
Program Title: Civilizations at the Top of the World

stops in --                           nights
SANTA CRUZ , BOLIVIA 1 (Transfer overnight) 
SAN JAVIER , BOLIVIA   1 (near Trinidad)
SUCRE , BOLIVIA             3
LA PAZ , BOLIVIA             3
(Yucay) URUBAMBA VALLEY , PERU 1 (you get 1/2 day in Machu Picchu)
CUSCO , PERU                 3
LIMA , PERU                      1
Map at  to
see where these cities are.. they start at Santa Cruz to acclimatize you to the altitude

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Music of Bolivia - Llajta Musica!! 
A collection of Bolivian music in Real Audio and Media Player formats
LLAJTA - The Bolivian Educational and Cultural Network

Yahoo! Group for Bolivia Planning (private membership)

About's Bolivia for Visitors  

Another Large Map of Bolivia but sparse  

Avanti Peru and Bolivia site - not particularly good  

Elderhostel on Bolivia-very educational oriented  

Encarta Encyclopedia on Bolivia-good  

Map of Bolivia showing major cities-good  

Maps of MANY minor cities in Bolivia - good!  

Yahoo Map of Bolivia - so so  

Yahoo travel on Bolivia is pretty good Bolivia - We initially favored this one 3-7-01  (dead link 2002)

Cities of Bolivia, Click on a city name on this map of Bolivia to find extensive resources for lodging, sightseeing, geography, history, art, culture, sports, recreation and more