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A Great! Aerial Photo of Morro Bay  
Cool Satellite Photos

The Cloisters, Lot 24  Floor Plan Lot_24_plans.gif (48209 bytes)
Our new Address (October, 2000)
Mike and Heidi Baird
2756 Indigo Circle, Morro Bay, CA 93442

New phone number 805-704-2064

Directions: From Silicon Valley San Francisco Bay Area: (245 miles from Oakland)
Go South on Route 101 to Route 41 just outside Atascadero.  Head West on 41
until you hit Route 1 at the coast in Morro Bay.  Head North on Route 1 just one mile
to the first stop light at San Jacinto Street.  You will see a large new sub-division to the West fronting the
ocean called The Cloisters (this is your destination).  Turn Left on San Jacinto one short block.
Turn left on Coral Street... go three short blocks to Indigo Circle on the right.  We are the fifth house on the left
at 2756 Indigo Circle. morro-bay-clipped-directions.gif (141541 bytes)  
Here is a good MapQuest Map (for some reason, Yahoo! Maps' MapQuest does not render our address, as it is a new street, but AOL's MapQuest now does it). 

Map to Morro Bay  Map of SLO and The Cloisters (click to enlarge) => map_of_SLO_and_the_Cloisters.gif (12560 bytes)

(note: The Cloisters' two [identical] urls are:
 http://www.mbayhomes.com/ or http://www.morrobay-thecloisters.com/ )

Construction and Lot Pictures 4-2-00
View of Morro Rock from back wpe18.jpg (56627 bytes)

Pond behind house, view of our "big bush" pond_.jpg (47037 bytes)

White bird flying over duns near home white-bird.jpg (43224 bytes)

Walking path behind house walkway.jpg (46014 bytes)

Heidi and Scrappy by foundation foundation_big.jpg (41001 bytes)

Future view of Morro Rock, Heidi by "cabana" near garage by_cabana_garage.jpg (46323 bytes)

Ocean view from back yard ocean-view.jpg (46103 bytes)

July 8, 2000 Progress: (click to enlarge photos)
north_brick_work.jpg (48173 bytes) heidi_west_side.jpg (35819 bytes) morro-rock.jpg (35164 bytes) dunes_from_south_boardwalk.jpg (36253 bytes) elephant-seals_piedras_blancas_25miles-north.jpg (16734 bytes)

The "Finished Product" October 17, 2000: (click to enlarge photos)
 new_house_from_street.jpg (25278 bytes) new_house_w_friend_duke_energy.jpg (19549 bytes) new_house_w_morro_rock_in_background.jpg (22324 bytes) new_house_from_oceran_side.jpg (32168 bytes) 
back_yard_from_east_side.jpg (61683 bytes)
cabana.jpg (69330 bytes) back_yard_from_ocean_side.jpg (60060 bytes)
mike-and-heidi-at-new-kitchen-table640x480.jpg (80895 bytes)
Jan Nores and Steve Stevens, the terrific sales team:  jan_nores.jpg (15597 bytes) jan-holds-plans.jpg (22163 bytes) steve-stevens.jpg (22586 bytes)

Artist's Concept of Community - All Lots Shown (click to enlarge) => artist_layout_plots.jpg (274452 bytes)

Some of the following are Corbis Pictures: (click to enlarge)

Birds of Morro Bay 

All about selecting binoculars for 'birding"

Local scenery and animals below...

Wildflowers on Dunes of Morro State Beach Wildflowers on Dunes of Morro State Beach        Fossil Fuel Power Plant in Morro Bay Fossil Fuel Power Plant in Morro Bay - Nov. 1980
Boats in Morro Bay Boats in Morro Bay                                       Marina at Morro Bay Marina at Morro Bay
Sea Otter Floating on its Back Sea Otter Floating on its Back                     Sea Otter Floating in Water Sea Otter Floating in Water   Sea Otter Wrapped in Kelp Sea Otter Wrapped in Kelp
Harbor Seal Harbor Seal                                                     Harbor Seal Harbor Seal  Harbor Seals

Morro Bay State Park's Museum of Natural History - has excellent  guided tours  2001 calendar  current month
their webcam is now alive (2001) (closed Q1 2002); Membership forms

http://www.sanluisobispo.com/ (Real Cities local info)

http://www.telegram-tribune.com/ (The Tribune News)

Coastal Living Magazine (has Cloisters article 5-00)

SLO Info from "Boulevards"

SLO-Online info

SLO County Magazine

SLO Magazine

"Onroute's" guide to SLO

Organizations in SLO

http://www.justgo.com/slo/movies/ Movies showing in SLO and Morro Bay

Cal Poly's general page on SLO info.

SLO Visitor and Conference Bureau

Dog Friendly Places

Dog Rescue organizations

Morro Bay details
Average Daily Temperature
Morro Bay & Los Osos
Winter - sunny days, clear nights, high 61, low 40
Spring - Breezy days, cool nights, high 63, low 48
Summer - foggy mornings, sunny afternoons and nights, high 67, low 54
Fall - warm, sunny days, cool nights, high 71, low 49

Morro Bay police dept. and "local links"

Birds (festival, photos) of Morro Bay; Audubon society;  

Bridge Street Inn in Cambria Bed & Breakfast recommended by Don Christian ("Anne" is Host)

CNN Weather at SLO

Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce 
(info on the Saturday 5-8 PM Fish "Farmer's" Market, 800 Block Main Street)

thegazettes.com (local free newspapers -coming "soon")

Real Estate

Toyota Dealer and Service in SLO (map

Jim's Automotive, (805) 772-8448 (map) winner of Auto Club Annual Repair Award

United HealthCare Site

The Thursday Farmer's Market at Spencers on Main Street offers many fresh vegetables, such as those grown and sold by Philip and Nancy Langston at SLOGrownProduce

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