Day 12: Journey through the Sacred Valley 
This morning we visit the ruins of Sacsayhuamán 

sacsayhuaman-ruins-near-cusco.jpg (59454 bytes) sacsayhuaman-ruins-near-cusco2.jpg (53592 bytes) 
This "stitched" panorama made from five separate photos is very pretty  sacsayhuaman-ruins-stitched-1024x172-image.jpg (66580 bytes)

and Pisac. 
kris-jim-balance-at-pisac.jpg (85153 bytes) near-cusco.jpg (87827 bytes) near-pisac.jpg (67382 bytes) pisac-ruins.jpg (69710 bytes) pisac-ruins-sacred-valley-near-cusco.jpg (73655 bytes) 
The colorful celebration below was for the Virgin Carmen in Pisac.
pisac-virgin-carmen-celebration.jpg (85914 bytes)
pisac-virgin-carmen-celebration2.jpg (78842 bytes) pisac-virgin-carmen-celebration3.jpg (84882 bytes) virgin-carmen-pisac-parade.jpg (78657 bytes) virgin-carmen-pisac-parade-close.jpg (67083 bytes)
On our way to Ollantaytambo
ollantaytambo-balloon-kids.jpg (51411 bytes) ollantaytambo-balloon-kids2.jpg (47141 bytes) ollantaytambo-guinea-pigs.jpg (66419 bytes) ollantaytambo-ruins.jpg (69842 bytes) ollantaytambo-ruins2.jpg (69017 bytes) ollantaytambo-ruins-used-for-mpdern-city.jpg (63015 bytes)
sacredvalley-circular-terraces.jpg (85691 bytes) sacred-valley-grl.jpg (38946 bytes)  

we visit the colorful Pisac market and then head into the campo on a two-hour walk past the tiny village of Moray and nearby Inca salt mines.
moray-salt-mines.jpg (71438 bytes) moray-salt-mines3.jpg (55521 bytes) 
Tonight, relax in front of the fire in the shadow of one of the great Inca citadels.