Day 13: Train to Machu Picchu 
Ancient canals still bring water from the high mountains to the baths used by Inca priests, and as visitors we're welcome to respectfully dip our hands in the cool water. After our tour of Machu Picchu, we return to Aguas Calientes to soak in the hot springs.

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Machu Picchu as seen from Huana Picchu machu-picchu-from-huana-picchu.jpg (87891 bytes).

Sunrise at Machu Picchu was spectacular sunrise-machu-picchu.jpg (54839 bytes).

The famous sun dial at Machu Picchu had recently been broken by a filming crew, whose scaffold fell on the stone and knocked off a corner.  broken-sun-dial-closeup-machu-picchu.jpg (54355 bytes) broken-sun-dial-machu-picchu.jpg (68448 bytes)