Day 16: Amazon Extension Tour  Itinerary  ECOAMAZONIA LODGE


Arrival at the ecological city of Puerto Maldonado, reception and transfer. We shall begin our trip with a visit to the city, after which we head for the port and board our canoe fitted with an outboard motor to cruise down the Madre de Dios River. Arrival at EcoAmazonia Lodge, local welcome drink and accommodation in our comfortable bungalows. 
We will embark on our first visit, crossing the river by canoe to Monkey Island, the first and only one of its kind in the heart of the Madre de Dios River; protected and conserved by EcoAmazonia Lodge. On this spectacular visit you will have the chance to appreciate the diversity of flora but most of all observe various species of monkeys in their natural habitat - among them the little lion of the jungle as well as large maquisapa monkeys.

Friendly tourist at the airport, from South Africa girl-nishi-from-s-africa.jpg (42610 bytes), waiting to board airplane.


After breakfast we shall embark on another adventure in the virgin jungle, following local trails or "trochas", leading to the Qocha Perida - the Lost Lagoon. This acts as a refuge and feeding ground for numerous animals such as black caimans, river turtles, giant otters as well as a variety of fish. Along the way we will come across huge trees of all shapes and sizes, medicinal plants, numerous insects and butterflies as well as a variety of birds. On arrival at the lagoon, we will be able to climb up on our extraordinary Amazon Lookout Platform, built on top of one of the tallest trees, the Shihuahuaco, a way of enjoying the nature that lives around the Qocha as well as offering us an impressive panoramic view of the return to the lodge for a typical lunch.
During the summer you can enjoy the opportunity to go on a night trip on the river to spot black caymans along the river banks. 

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After breakfast we continue on our adventure by taking the canoes along the Madre de Dios River as far as the Gamitana River, deep in the heart of the jungle. A marvelous and impressive area for flora and fauna which we shall explore in smaller canoes to fully appreciate animals such as turtles, caymans, butterflies and many other spectacular creatures. This brook is very lush and has remarkable surroundings along its winding course. Enjoy a lunch on the river and relax for a while before we return to the lodge for dinner. 

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After breakfast, return to Puerto Maldonado, and continue on to Lima, for continuation of your adventure, to Guatemala.