Day 1: Arrive Lima   I stayed in a very nice hotel in Miraflores... the nicest section of Lima by far... however, on the evening of my first day there, I was almost attacked and robbed by two men in a car that attempted to corner me on my way back from a five-block walk to the closest restaurant. I escaped only by expressing extreme anger, standing tall, and showing willingness to confront the man who exited the vehicle, while his companion pulled forward in preparation for a clean escape.  I probably saw at least 15 highly armed private security guards between the hotel and the restaurant, but in this one long block, there were none.  No one is safe walking on the streets alone in Lima and its environs after dark, which occurs about six PM, being so close to the equator and during their winter.  In Peru, one needs to be constantly on guard, looking out for problems, and guarding one's valuables and life. I lived in Rimac in 1970, as a Peace Corps volunteer, which is one of Lima's toughest slums, then and now, but  I was ten times safer in 1970 than I was in 2001.  Lima is unfortunately filled with millions or more desperate people than before.  I don't want to discourage anyone from making this very interesting trip - it is well worth the effort.  Traveling with a reputable outfit like we did, with excellent guides, makes the vast majority of the trip reasonably safe and comfortable.
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