Day 3: Islas Ballestas and Paracas National Reserve 
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Our guide Fredy Manrique, with guide Nancy Mattos from Uruguay fredy-nancy-guides-Islas-Ballestas.jpg (21346 bytes) (or was it Paraguay?). Referred to as a Little Galapagos, this morning we depart by boat to the Ballestas Islands. Sea lion colonies lounge on the rocks and thousands of sea birds (such as Guanay Cormorants and Peruvian Boobies) circle overhead and strut along the rocky shoreline. After our island visit, it's off to the giant sand dunes of Paracas National Reserve for a bit of hiking. In the afternoon, bus to Nazca poinsetta-tree.jpg (30158 bytes) three-wheeled-cycle.jpg (31238 bytes).