Day 5: Free Day Arequipa 
Located 7750 feet above sea level and surrounded by snowy peaks, Arequipa delights visitors with its colonial charm and friendly inhabitants. Visit the Santa Catalina Monastery (a 4.5 acre maze of gardens, plazas, and churches in the town center), people watch in the main plaza or just relax in our colonial hotel.
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Our guide from Lima through Aerequipa was Fredy Manrique, a charming, personable, knowledgeable person -  very highly recommended.  Fredy was kind enough to invite us to his home in Aerequipa were we met his family and friends, and were entertained by this beautiful girl in dance.
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Here is a video of the girl dancing (it takes a while to download, and is an 0.5 MB .avi file).  You will probably need a properly configured Windows PC to view this.