Day 6-7: Colca Canyon 
As rich in history as the Cusco area, Colca's pre-Inca terraces rise straight up the canyon and ancient tombs can be found perched on vertical canyon walls. We leave Arequipa early this morning for the deepest canyon in the world. The drive takes us back in time, past herds of llamas and alpacas and through 400-year old colonial towns where residents raise potatoes and tend sheep according to the rising and setting of the sun. During our night in the canyon, relax in hot springs... (temporarily out of order due to recent earthquake). The next morning we head to the Cruz del Condor where we saw many Andean condors condor-in-flight-colca.jpg (17624 bytes). A two hour walk along the canyon edge to the pueblo of Cabanaconde completes our journey in the Colca.
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Note: All photos of people were taken strictly by permission.  Almost everyone was friendly and receptive.  A small tip was appreciated by most, and requested by some used to tourists, who are becoming more frequent.  I bought about 500 balloons, which went a long way to attract kids, who then eagerly wanted their pictures taken.  Having a digital camera which could display for the subject the photo just taken, opened up whole new worlds of communication and discussion among kids and adults alike.