Day 8-10: Puno/Lake Titicaca
We fly to Puno (actually, take a 12 hour bus ride instead!) on the shores of Lake Titicaca 
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puno-church.jpg (57702 bytes)
puno-market-scene.jpg (47584 bytes) puno-market-scene2.jpg (75625 bytes) trout-farm-near-puno.jpg (28735 bytes) typical-home-near-puno.jpg (32692 bytes) 

Chucito Ruins puno-phalic-ruins.jpg (26535 bytes) just south of Puno.
where we visit the floating islands of the Uros people
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and stop for the night on Amantaní Island with local families. Share in the hospitality of the Quechua Indians and experience a short day in their lives on Amantaní Island
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Our guide for the Puno - Cisco section of the trip was Ayul Acuña guide-ayul-aquena-dancing-on-amantami.jpg (44756 bytes), a knowledgeable, friendly fellow who worked very hard and long to please all of us.  We were very pleased with Ayul as our guide.
We visited Taquille Island adobe-church-island-taquille .jpg (52509 bytes) taquille-island-gringo_killer-steps.jpg (75482 bytes) taquille-island-gringo-killer-steps.jpg (45085 bytes) on the way back to Puno puno-air-polution.jpg (67317 bytes).

Second day in Puno...
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