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Printed in the San Jose Mercury News, March 25, 2003.

Replacing the U.N.
Charles Krauthammer (Opinion, March 21) recommends that the United States turn its back on the United Nations. He asserts, "The Security Council is nothing more than the victory coalition of 1945. That was six decades ago. Let a new structure be born out of the Iraq coalition. Maybe it will acquire a name, maybe it won't." Well, let me suggest a name. Let's call it the Bush League of Nations.

Jim Swanson, Los Altos


Printed in the San Jose Mercury News Wed, Sep. 10, 2003

Millions for peace, billions on Iraq

Seventy-five billion dollars is a conservative estimate of our projected 2004 military expenditures for Iraq. This is based on current spending levels as well as the figures presented by President Bush in his address to the nation, and it excludes additional tens of billions for reconstruction, support of coalition partners, and other costs.  On the other hand, the U.S. Peace Corps' annual budget for 2003 is only $295 million, notwithstanding bipartisan Congressional support and increased funding.  In other words, we spend more for 35 hours of our military occupation of Iraq than we do for the worldwide operations of the Peace Corps for an entire year. Although I want to believe that all of our military efforts are intended to promote peace, we do sometimes err in pulling the war lever, with tragic unintended consequences.  The people of the world, especially Americans, reap huge peace dividends from the work of the Peace Corps. The peace dividends from our military campaign in Iraq are dubious at best.

Jim Swanson, Los Altos