Temporary Picture Store for Mike Baird

Here I post four snapshots from a paddle in Morro Bay, CA, Wed. 5-25-05...
Present were Norma Wightman, Mary Sadek, and Mike Baird... we paddled
from Coleman Beach out to Morro Rock, and then south to the State Park
Marina, and back... in about three hours.  These pictures will be deleted
sometime after 6-25-05.  This was a A KayakMorroBay Yahoo! Group activity.

Morro Rock and Green Buoy 5

Mary Sadek of purrsandpooches.com in her Cobra Kayak

Norma Wightman in her Blue Pungo in Morro Bay

Mike Baird self portrait on morro Bay 5-25-05

These pictures are temporary, and will be deleted sometime after 6-25-05