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Buffy! News    Fri. Sept. 3, 2004  
"Home Schooling" wonderful puppy pictures
Buffy! News    Sun. Jun 21, 2004 
Reverend Buffy to wed Rottweiler to show-ofy Pomeranian, Morro Bay, CA
Roxie and Pommi of Morro Bay will be married following completion of a Marriage Intention, a three day waiting period required before a license can be issued.  A waiver of the waiting period may be granted by the local District Court.  In that instance the couple brings the court waiver to the town clerk and a marriage license may be issued immediately.  Bark Bowers - Morro Bay, CA
Buffy! News    Sun. July 22, 2003   
Buffy Baird ordained as a minister of the Universal Life Church, Modesto, CA
This is to confirm that BUFFY BAIRD, MORRO BAY CA 93442 has been ordained as a minister of the Universal Life Church, Modesto, California.  Date of Ordination: 7/22/2003.   As a minister, you are authorized by the church to perform the rites and ceremonies of the church (except circumcision), including weddings, funerals, baptisms and blessings, subject to the laws of your country, state, or locality.  Prior to conducting any civil ceremony (such as marriages), you should know and comply with the laws pertaining to your area of jurisdiction.  You are entitled to all privileges and courtesies normally offered to members of the clergy.  Your commitment is to always do the right thing. It is your responsibility to peacefully and sincerely determine the right course of action, and to avoid infringing on the rights of others. You alone are responsible for your actions as a minister.   Kevin Andrews, Senior Pastor, Universal Life Church OnlineBark Bowers - Morro Bay, CA

Nostalgia Lane  (6-18-01 Los Osos Oaks early morning walk)

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Jim Edwards with Buckwheat and Heidi Baird with Buffy, Carol Edwards, Jan Long with Andy

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