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This Photo Essay Page is all about "Buffy Baird during 2005 - 2006-2007"
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new yellow signOur precious Buffy died June 6, 2014 of liver failure. I (Mike Baird) said "11:36 pm Friday June 6, 2014. Buffy's heart just stopped and her suffering is over. One minute before I was gently stroking her face, matching each labored breath as she struggled to breath and tolerate the pain. Buffy was a good dog. My tears can not be held back. How precious and tenuous are the loves we encounter in our brief lives."

Sept. 14, 2007 Buffy head shot at Flickr

Sept. 12, 2007, Play time at the Cloisters Park (A Flickr Set)

Sunday, July 1st, 2007 - we all can't believe it is July already. 
Regulars Buffy (L) and Puzzle (R) welcome 
Analisa Garcia's cute white "Sunshine" dog shown lower-center.

June 24, 2007 - Buffy's Friends:

Marlene's Mandee Barbara's Casey Brenda & Rich's Dahlia
Click the thumbnails above to get to the full-sized originals -
Identical photos of these pups are also posted at Picasaweb

June 12, 2007
Buffy and friend Bailey (Shirley's baby)

June 11, 2007
Buffy thinks

June 2, 2007
Buffy enjoys the grass at the Cloisters Park

May 9, 2007
Finally, some videos of Buffy (.mpgs)
walking  eating breakfast

May 7, 2007
Pat's Kasey was out today and lookin' good!
(click the thumbnails below to see the larger versions)

April 21, 2007
Art and Rome's precious Katrina met Buffy on the Cloisters path today!
Katrina is "dealing" with the presence of a new kitten at home $%*$#

April 2, 2007
Tavish (Owner Mike)

March 16, 2007
Buffy's blind friend "Monkey" visits Morro Bay with her owner JT

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January 9, 2007

November 23, 2006, Sandy visits

(click the thumbnail above to see a related gallery at Picasaweb)

November 4, 2006, Buffy at the Cloisters City Park pond overlook

October 31, 2006, Buffy is a Bumble Bee again for Halloween
(click the thumbnail below to see eight photos posted on my Picasaweb)

October 23, 2006, Joyce and Mel Basti enjoy petting Buffy with Heidi
Taken at the Morro Strand State Beach, Cloisters overlook.. notice the identical
Three photos are posted at http://picasaweb.google.com/mikebaird/2006_10_23_mel_joyce_basti_heidi_trikes

October 11, 2006, Frankie is a new Pug pup we met in Morro Bay
We met a delightful couple in Morro Bay, CA on 10-11-06, Ryan Joseph (ryanjoseph.com) and his girlfriend Leah -
they had with them this darling pug puppy named "Frankie" whom they had just adopted.

More photos at my picasaweb

Sept. 29, 2006, Rich Jeffries' "Rocco" plays with Buffy
Rich Jeffries' "Rocco" Buffy
   Rocco                       Buffy
(see the related
Picasaweb gallery for seven photos of Rocco and Buffy)

August 2, 2006, Gail Andrews' beloved Cheerio
(deceased 2006) is finally seen here - scanned from this earlier photograph

June 23, 2006...
Mandee, Puzzle, Jake, Buffy, Red-tailed hawk, Gene's raptor perch, squirrel
(hosted at picasaweb.google.com/mikebaird - a superior photo sharing service)

April 8, 2006 - Katrina, owned by Art and Rome

<= 1/3rd size version, click to enlarge
(Here is a
larger full-size version)

(see more Katrina photos at http://mikebaird.slide.com/c/4-8-06-dog-katrina-owners-art-rome   

Dec. 10, 2005, Jake lookin' good
<= click to see a normal 663x442 136KB version)
(This link goes to a large 6.7 MB version 2651x1767 for printing - this big file will be removed after 1-10-06)

Oct. 31, 2005, Buffy meets trick-or-treaters as a honeybee again this year.

Oct. 7, 2005  Buffy likes to crawl on the asphalt path to scratch her tummy (ouch), pushing always with her left leg

Oct. 5, 2005  Buffy "side-lighted"

Sept. 27, 2005.... (L-R, T-B) Buffy's friends  Mattie, Casey, and Abby (owned by Randy and Elizabeth) showed up along with daily friend Mandee

Sept. 22, 2005.... Buffy's gentle friend "Bo" is 11 years old in 2005, and is owned by Steve and Lily

Sept. 14, 2005.... Karstein joins the morning Cloisters' rendezvous with his dog Pika

L-R Buffy, Mimi, Bailey (on ground), Pika, Ladybug


Buffy and Mimi        Bailey

Sept. 9, 2005 Jim & Rachelle Phillips' Salty Dog stalks a ground squirrel

August 25, 2005  Buffy, Mandee, Puzzle, Jake and some admiring kids (see file names for ID)


July 22, 2005, (L-R) Buffy, Oliver, Puzzle, Hanford (2)

July 19, 2005, Buffy up close - almost haircut time!

July 7, 2005 -- Buffy wasn't there, but I met "Bella" a cute Cocker at Ragged Point north of San Simeon CA,

July 4, 6, 2005 -- (L-R) Buffy's old friend "Bo" (Steve & Lily) and new friend "Barclay" (Christopher & Marlene)

June 20, 2005 -- Buffy, Puzzle, and several members of the "doggie-walk club" at the Cloisters overlook, just north of Morro Rock.

Photos from Jim Zim's 5-21-2005 Pupapalooza! in Avila, CA
(click link above to go to a dedicated page for this annual event)

May 20, 2005, (top-to-bottom) Buffy and her friends Daisy and Puzzle

(one-year old Cocker)

May 15, 2005, Buffy is about due for a facecut

May 11, 2005, the Buff (*again) just finished dinner!

May 1, 2005  Buffy, with friends (L-R) Shirley's Bailey, Louie's Oreo, and Kathy's Lady Bug

April 7, 2005  "Puzzle" with a new haircut, and Buffy

March. 11, 2005 Virginia's brand new 4-month old puppy "Puzzle" (top row)
joins Buffy (lower-left) and Jake (lower-right) below.

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