Buffy "the vampire slayer" -- 
newest member of the 
Baird "family" Morro Bay, CA

(Year 2004)

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Dec. 22, 2004 Walk with Morro Rock at Sunset in Background

Dec. 13, 2004  Friend "Jake" owned by Stephanie and Alex Finlay

Betty, Heidi, Stephaine with Latee, Buffy, Jake

Nov. 28th, 2004... At the Cayucos Bluffs

Nov. 26th, 2004... pausing on the path to absorb the warm sun

A rare visit to the beach - Northpoint on Estero Bay, CA, November 13, 2004

Daisy is the new cocker puppy in the neighborhood

October 31, 2004, Halloween Bumble bee Dog
(Buffy is featured at http://beedogs.com/ here)

October 14, 2004, Heidi's new talent

August 31, 2004, Blondie

August 14, 2004, Heidi's T-Shirt contest entry

August 1, 2004  Latté, Betty, Buffy, Heidi at Cloister's Overlook in Morro Bay, CA

August 8,  2004  Buffy (not shown) with friends (top-to-bottom)
Blondie (in collage), Latté (w/ Betty), Sable (ridgeback) (w/ Gayle - deceased July 2005)) , Mandee


August 1, 2004  Buffy with Heidi, drinking water and sitting in the basket

July 31, 2004  Buffy with Heidi on overlook, tricycle with basket shown
(You can buy the Worksman Three Speed Folding Trike here ~$360)

July 27, 2004 Buffy's nose up close


July 25, 2004 Buffy meets virtual friends and pen pals Erie and Udo from the Seattle area - from Elizabeth Henderson

July 9, 2004 Buffy with friends Andy and Suzie (Jan & Jerry); Max (Luvy)
  andy long morro bay ca suzie long morro bay

July 8, 2004 Buffy with friends Barkley (Jake), Oreo, Latté (Betty) and Honey (Gloria)

July 6, 2004 Buffy on the couch at home

June 26, 2004 Buffy (left) with pal Mandee (right)

June 20-21, 2004

June 17, 2004 Buffy's Pal "Charlie"

June 12, 2004 Buffy with friends Joshua (upper-left), Mandee (lower-left), and Latté (doing the Frisbee)

June 10, 2004


June 1, 2004
buffy-baird-6-1-04-cloisters mary-mimi-mike-heidi-buffy-baird-6-1-0

May 22, 2004 - Jim Zimmerlin Family Cockers "class reunion" at El Chorro Regional Park, SLO (31 photos) (click to enlarge thumbnails)


(these last three rows are of Heidi and Buffy Baird)

May 6, 2004 - posing on the sofa with toys

March 4, 2004 at Cloister's (city park) in Morro Bay, CA

March 2, 2004 at Northpoint (city park) in north Morro Bay

Feb. 28, 2004

Buffy Baird Morro Bay Buffy Baird Morro Bay (<= click these photos to see a surprise!)

Feb. 19, 2004 - It was raining, so the Morro Bay Doggie Club played inside

Heidi (Buffy),
 Betty (Latté & Barkley),
 Marlene (Mandee),
 and Virginia (Blondie)


Feb. 18, 2004 - Buffy and Heidi Tricycling the Cloisters

Feb. 14, 2004 -- Peregrine Falcon reunion at Morro Rock on Valentines' Day - Love is in the air

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