Friends of the Morro Bay Library

This is a temporary page where ideas are being worked out with Mike Baird and Page Hagan for constructing a website for the Morro Bay Library "Friends of the Library" (FOL)


Note: Friends of the Morro Bay Library is now published at

The address of this work area is  
The final website space may be hosted elsewhere, primarily to give FOL members complete control to make changes.  One possibility is to use 50MB of free (ad-sponsored) space at Lycos-Tripod, or to create a sub-web at 

Here are some proposed photos...Click a "thumbnail" to see a larger version


Notes 6-23-01
FOL Going Online
Plans are in the works for FOL to have our own website online in the near future. Member Page Hagan has volunteered to create and maintain it for us. Page has arranged for this site to be hosted at Mike Baird's great Morro Bay site:  Mike hosts several non-profit sites and is enthusiastic about ours. This is in the planning stages and ideas are welcome. Email Page at: