2005 Trip to Costa Rica

A nature-oriented and birding trip organized by Norma Wightman -- consisting of Norma and Peter Wightman, Shirley Jowell, Wendy Ruebman, Jim Warner, Ron and Mary Gabel, and Mike Baird.  Click thumbnails below to enlarge photos..

Sunday Jan. 30, 2005 -- Arrival to Costa Rica and transfer in to Bougainvillea Hotel

(photos from the hotel's 10 acre garden)

Monday Jan. 31, 2005 -- Day free to visit San Jose

Tues. Feb. 1, 2005 -- After breakfast at the hotel, transfer to
Cascada de La Paz Waterfall gardens and Butterfly and Hummingbird Exhibits

Transfer to Arenal Observatory Lodge and observe Vulcan Arenal

Wed. Feb 2, 2005 -- Breakfast at the hotel, tour to "Los Tucanes trails"

and continue to Monteverde,  around Lago Arenal

stay at Hotel Montaña Monteverde

Thurs. Feb 3, 2005 -- Sky Walk, tour Monteverde Eco Reserve

Fri. Feb. 4, 2005 -- Drive from Monteverde to Buena Vista Lodge

near Rincón de la Vieja National Park

Sat. Feb. 5, 2005 -- Visit to Rincón de la Vieja National Park

Sun. Feb. 6, 2005 -- Departure to Playa Grande, Hotel Villa Baula


Mon. Feb. 7, 2005 -- Tamarindo River Tour, swim in ocean, observe turtle nesting tracks

Tues. Feb. 8, 2005 -- Drive Back to San José Bougainvillea Hotel

Wed. Feb. 9, 2005 and Thurs. Feb 10, 2005 -- explore San Jose

Friday. Feb. 11, 2005 -- Return to USA

San Jose, Bougainvillea Hotel

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Mike Baird's Latin American Trips
Costa Rica planning page

Notes:  Jim Warner recorded at least 157 unique bird observations during this trip... reproduced below by permission:

New/Old     Date     Common Name                         Location

O               1/31      Baltimore Oriole                        SJ

O               1/31      Belted Kingfisher                      SJ

O               1/31      Black Vulture                            SJ

N               1/31      Blue-crowned Motmot               SJ

N               1/31      Blue-grey Tanager                    SJ

N               1/31      Bronzed Cowbird                      SJ

N               1/31      Clay-colored Robin                    SJ

N               1/31      Great Kiskadee                         SJ

O               1/31      Great-tailed Grackle                  SJ

N               1/31      Hoffman's Woodpecker             SJ

N               1/31      Inca Dove                                 SJ

O               1/31      Rock Dove                               SJ

N               1/31      Rufous-collared Sparrow           San Jose (SJ)

N               1/31      Rufous-tailed Hummingbird        SJ

N               1/31      Squirrel Cuckoo                         SJ

O               1/31      Turkey Vulture                          SJ

N               1/31      White-eared Ground Sparrow     SJ

N               1/31      White-throated magpie-Jay        SJ

N               1/31      White-throated Tanager-shrike   SJ

N               2/1        Bananaquit                                La Paz

O               2/1        Barn Swallow                           La Fortuna

N               2/1        Black-creasted Coquette            La Paz

O               2/1        Broad-winged Hawk                 La Fortuna

O               2/1        Cattle Egret                              La Paz

N               2/1        Chestnut-capped Brush-Finch    La Paz

O               2/1        Cliff Swallow                            La Fortuna

N               2/1        Creasted Caracara                    El Tanque

N               2/1        Grayish Saltator                         SJ

N               2/1        Green Thorntail                         La Paz

N               2/1        Grey Hawk                               El Tanque

O               2/1        House Wren                             Arenal

N               2/1        Laughing Falcon                        El Tanque

N               2/1        Lineated Woodpecker                La Paz

N               2/1        Montezuma Oropendola             La Paz

O               2/1        Nashville Warbler                      La Paz

N               2/1        Palm Tanager                           La Paz

N               2/1        Passerini (Scarlet-rumped Tanager)  La Paz

N               2/1        Prong-billed Barbet                    La Paz

N               2/1        Red-billed Pigeon                      La Fortuna

N               2/1        Red-headed Barbet                   La Paz

N               2/1        Silver-throated Tanager             La Paz

O               2/1        Snowy Egret                             La Paz

N               2/1        Southern Lapwing                     La Fontana

O               2/1        Summer Tanager                       La Paz

O               2/1        Tenessee Warbler                     La Paz

N               2/1        Torrent Tyranula                       La Paz

N               2/1        Violet Saberwing                       La Paz

N               2/1        Yellow-thighed Ground Finch     La Paz

N               2/2        Black-cheeked Woodpecker      Arenal

N               2/2        Black-striped Sparrow               Arenal

N               2/2        Blue and White Swallow            Arenal

N               2/2        Buff-throated Saltator                Arenal

N               2/2        Collared Aricari                         Arenal

N               2/2        Creasted Guan                          Arenal

N               2/2        Crimson-collared Tanager          Arenal

N               2/2        Emerald Tanager                       Arenal

N               2/2        Golden-hooded Tanager             Arenal

N               2/2        Great Currasow                        Arenal

O               2/2        Hairy Woodpecker                    Arenal

N               2/2        Hepatic Tanager                       Arenal

N               2/2        Pale-billed Woodpecker             Arenal

N               2/2        Red-throated Ant-tanager          Arenal

N               2/2        Semi-plumbous Hawk                Arenal

N               2/2        Spotted-crown Woodcreeper      Arenal

N               2/2        Tropical Kingbird                       Arenal

N               2/2        Tropical Parula                          Arenal

O               2/2        Woodthrush                              Arenal

N               2/3        Brown Jay                                MV

N               2/3        Collared Redstart                      MV

N               2/3        Emerald Toucan                        Monteverde (MV)

N               2/3        Great Creasted Flycatcher         MV

N               2/3        Green Violet-ear                       MV

N               2/3        Magenta-throated Woodstar       MV

N               2/3        Purple-throated Mountain Gem   MV

N               2/3        Red-faced Spintail                     MV

N               2/3        Resplendent Quetzel                  MV

N               2/3        Slate-throated Redstart              MV

N               2/3        Spotted Barbtail                         MV

N               2/3        Spotted Woodcreeper                MV

N               2/3        Three Striped Warbler               MV

O               2/3        Wilson's Warbler                       MV

N               2/3        Yellow-faced Grassquit             MV

O               2/4        Great Egret                               Buenavista Hotel (BV)

N               2/4        Great Tinamou                          BV

N               2/4        Grey-headed Tanager                BV

N               2/4        Northern Jacana                        BV

O               2/4        Ovenbird                                   BV

N               2/4        Pacific Screech Owl                  BV

O               2/4        Ruby-throated Hummingbird      BV

N               2/4        Rufous-capped Warbler             BV

N               2/4        White-fronted Parrot                 MV

N               2/4        White-tipped Dove                    BV

O               2/4        Woodstork                                Canas

O               2/5        Black and White Warbler           RV

N               2/5        Blue-throated Goldentail             Rincon de la Vieja (RV)

N               2/5        Golden-crowned Warbler           RV

N               2/5        Groove-billed Ani                      BV

N               2/5        Keel-billed Toucan                    BV

N               2/5        Orange-fronted Parrot               RV

N               2/5        Red-lored Parot                         BV

N               2/5        Tody Motmot                            RV

N               2/5        Tourquois-browed Motmot         BV

N               2/5        White-winger Dove                   BV

O               2/6        Black Swift                               BV

N               2/6        Black-headed Trogan                PG

O               2/6        Brown Pellican                          Playa Grande (PG)

N               2/6        Common Pauraque (on nest)      PG

N               2/6        Gray-crowned Yellowthroat       BV

N               2/6        Ivory-billed Woodcreeper           BV

N               2/6        Long-tailed Manakin                  BV

N               2/6        Mangrove Hawk                       PG

N               2/6        Mangrove Warbler                    PG

O               2/6        Osprey                                     PG

N               2/6        Plain Wren                                BV

O               2/6        Royal Tern                                PG

N               2/6        Spot-throated Oriole                  PG

N               2/6        White-lored Gnatcatcher            PG

O               2/6        Willet                                        PG

N               2/6        Yellow-billed Tyranulet              BV

N               2/6        Yellow-throated Euphonia          BV

O               2/7        American Oystercatcher            PG

N               2/7        Bare-throated Tiger Heron         PG

O               2/7        Black-bellied Plover                   PG

N               2/7        Boat-billed Heron                      PG

N               2/7        Elegant Tern                             PG

N               2/7        Fork-tailed Emerald                   PG

N               2/7        Green Kingfisher                       PG

O               2/7        Green-backed Heron                 PG

N               2/7        Green-breasted Mango              PG

N               2/7        Laughing Gull                            PG

N               2/7        Louisiana Heron                        PG

O               2/7        Rudy Turnstone                         PG

O               2/7        Sanderling                                 PG

N               2/7        Sandwich Tern                          PG

O               2/7        Spotted Sandpiper                      PG

N               2/7        Streak-backed Oriole                 PG

O               2/7        Surfbird                                    PG

N               2/7        Tri-colored Heron                      PG

N               2/7        White Ibis                                 PG

O               2/7        Wimbrell                                   PG

O               2/7        Yellow Warbler                         PG

N               2/7        Yellow-crowned Night Heron    PG

N               2/7        Yellow-naped Parrot                 PG

N               2/8        Barred Wren                             PG

N               2/8        Black-throated Trogan               PG

N               2/8        Boat-billed Flycatcher                PG

N               2/8        Brown-creasted Flycatcher        PG

N               2/8        Cinnamon Hummingbird             PG

O               2/8        Magnificent Frigatebird              PG

N               2/8        Prothonitory Warbler                 PG

N               2/8        Roadside Hawk                         PG

O               2/8        Roseate Spoonbill                      PG

N               2/8        Steely-vented Hummer              PG

N               2/8        Streaked Flycatcher                   PG

N               2/8        Streak-headed Woodcreeper      PG

N               2/8        Yellow-olive Flycatcher             PG



New - -  118          

Old - -     39

Overall   157