Latin American Interests 

Peru  Tour of Peru - July 2001


  • Photo of Ahijada Ana Fabiola Sutuj Aguilar (click to view more) anysugui@[remove]
  • Photo of Elizabeth Jenner elizabeth-jenner-with-boy-eye-scar.jpg (26299 bytes) In 2000-2001, Elizabeth was the Director, Internship and Volunteers, of Program Casa Xelaju. 
  • Photo of Stephanie Lundquist stephanie-lindquist-right-with-student.jpg (19502 bytes) During 2000-2001, Stephanie was the Internship and Volunteer Coordinator of Program Casa Xelaju. 

October 2000 -- Señor Luis Mena opens a new language school in Quito, Ecuador --  Academia Guayasamin  
(Luis was the very capable Director of the Simon Bolivar school I last attended in Ecuador )

Nicaragua - September 1997 mural_at_vulcan_masaya_museum_beautiful_work_of_art.jpg (113162 bytes)

Ecuador - September 1998

November 2000 -- Jhover Alvarez opens a Web site for the Galapagos Islands -- 

Mexico, Cozumel May 28 - June 10, 2000, and again Oct. 15-22, 2001 oak_stick_chedral_home_in_cozumel.jpg (26583 bytes)

, Havana May 28 - June 10, 2000 big_cigar_plaza_de_armes.jpg (26822 bytes)

Costa Rica (planning stages 2002)
Photos from a quick trip to Costa Rica in Feb. 2005

Costa Rica 2012 (See these Flickr images and descriptions in the set)

2008 Snorkle trip to Belize with Oceanic Society
Belize 2008 trip planning page  Photos from Belize April 2008

Bolivia Background for Reference

Latin American Interests                     che28.jpg (46799 bytes)  Cuba, a personal commentary 
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Vince Heptig's "A Mayan Struggle" ( link may be inactive from time-to-time, dead 2002)
At also

Field Guide -- Law and Tax in the Americas (a resource)

Mayan Glyphs 
(how to write your name, how to write your
birth date) gives you access to a world of marvelous products from cultures across the globe. Discover amazing regions and buy products direct from local artisans. A new portal site for Central American interests  
Buy coffee here, assist children of coffee workers in Latin America to continue their education

The South America Explorer's Club - an excellent resource

State Department Travel Warnings (always read before going) 

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Hacienda Tijax is a place to be in touch with nature located in Rio Dulce, Izabal, Guatemala
(I have not been there yet)

Casa Para Niños is an excellent example of how to use the power of the Internet to organize a charitable organization...
so is
God's Child (Nuestros Ahijados)   See also parent

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